Monday, January 23 - Weather Closing

Greenfield Community College will close at 5pm this evening due to impending storm - All evening classes and all activities, at all locations, that are scheduled to start at 5pm or later have been cancelled and the buildings will be closed. This evening's Orientation has been cancelled and students should check their email for other alternatives to today’s orientation. For the latest status, call the Greenfield Community College weather hotline at (413) 775-1010.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Credit for prior experience

Students with previous language learning experience may be eligible to receive college credit through a challenge exam that we use to place students into the appropriate level.

  • For French or Spanish, a prospective student will take a challenge exam in two parts: an online assessment (reading comprehension and writing), followed by a brief oral interview (listening/speaking). For Latin, the exam is written only, with no oral component.
  • Students who pass will be placed into the language learning sequence here at GCC. Once a student successfully completes that semester (C or better), confirming their sustained performance as predicted by the challenge exam, s/he would receive credit for that class and the preceding semester(s).

A note on the financial incentives: If a student is granted 4 credits for the equivalent of 101, for example, s/he would save the cost of tuition (exclusive of fees) for a 4-credit class. (A testing fee is added to the semester bill at the time of the test; a per-credit fee may apply when the credits are awarded.)

*** This program is optional: no exam is required for World Language classes ***

Take a practice test, then contact our department to make an appointment for an exam!