At GCC, a student can study American Sign Language (ASL), French, Latin and Spanish. In ASL and Latin we offer a two-semester elementary sequence (101-102). In French and Spanish, the core four-semester elementary and intermediate offerings (101-202) are augmented by two upper intermediate courses, Film and Language and Readings for Communication.

Separate from this sequence of courses, GCC offers specialized courses for professionals wishing to use Spanish on the job: Spanish for Health Care Professionals, Spanish for Law Enforcement, Spanish for Educators and Spanish for Firefighters.

In these two different kinds of language courses, the GCC World Language department makes a key distinction between language learning and language training.

In all our sequenced elementary and intermediate classes, the focus is on language learning; these are performance-based courses that allow learners to gain general functional proficiency in the language and culture.

For available upcoming classes, please see our online course guide.