Credit for prior experience

Students with previous language learning experience may be eligible to receive college credit through a challenge exam that we use to place students into the appropriate level.

  • For French or Spanish, a prospective student will take a challenge exam in two parts: an online assessment (reading comprehension and writing), followed by a brief oral interview (listening/speaking). For Latin, the exam is written only, with no oral component.
  • Students who pass will be placed into the language learning sequence here at GCC. Once a student successfully completes that semester (C or better), confirming their sustained performance as predicted by the challenge exam, s/he would receive credit for that class and the preceding semester(s).

A note on the financial incentives: If a student is granted 4 credits for the equivalent of 101, for example, s/he would save the cost of tuition (exclusive of fees) for a 4-credit class. (A testing fee is added to the semester bill at the time of the test; a per-credit fee may apply when the credits are awarded.)

*** This program is optional: no exam is required for World Language classes ***

Take a practice test, then contact our department to make an appointment for an exam!