Foreign languages & transfer

Many four-year colleges require the completion of four semesters of a foreign language in order to earn a bachelor’s degree. You may find it advantageous to fulfill your foreign language requirement at GCC so that you can concentrate on the requirements of your major when you transfer.

If you are considering transfer to a four-year school, we strongly encourage you to begin and/or complete your foreign language study here!

If you begin your language study at GCC, it is especially important to complete the first year of the sequence as a unit; the two semesters of the elementary level are really two halves of a year-long sequence. Students report that they find it very hard to start up again if they stop after just one semester, and all too often have to repeat the beginning level yet again!

If you are currently enrolled in one of our language courses, do not interrupt your language learning sequence, if possible! Repeated stops and starts in language lead to unnecessary repetition of coursework; this wastes your time, money, and financial aid allotment.

Typically, students who stop taking language classes face a placement exam at the four-year school. When they take such a test after a gap in language learning, the results often don’t place them back in the language learning sequence accurately; this can cause unnecessary repetition of courses, causing frustration and boredom.