Monday, January 23 - Weather Closing

Greenfield Community College will close at 5pm this evening due to impending storm - All evening classes and all activities, at all locations, that are scheduled to start at 5pm or later have been cancelled and the buildings will be closed. This evening's Orientation has been cancelled and students should check their email for other alternatives to today’s orientation. For the latest status, call the Greenfield Community College weather hotline at (413) 775-1010.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Spanish for the professions

The GCC World Language department makes a key distinction between language learning and language training.

In our specialized courses on Spanish for the professions, the focus is on language training: these courses prepare learners to perform the basic, routine functions of their work world in Spanish, taking into account cross-cultural differences. These one-semester courses allow learners to achieve functional competence in the work setting by teaching them predictable scripts and communication strategies; given the short time of study, language training does not offer the skills in open-ended communication that is the goal of language learning.

For available upcoming classes, please see our online course guide.