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Can a FWS student worker be dismissed from FWS employment?

As with any employment, each student is responsible for working arranged hours. Punctual, efficient, and cooperative performance on the job is always expected. If illness, study obligations, or some other unforeseen circumstance prevents a student from working, he/she must notify his/her supervisor in advance. Failure to report without adequate reason may result in termination of employment and disqualification for future work study.

Student workers can be released from their FWS job at the Supervisor’s discretion. Reasons for dismal include, but are not limited to the same conditions as any other part-time employment, such as not adhering to department policies and procedures, regularly missing work days/times, failure to communicate absences with the FWS Supervisor in a timely manner, and not completing work as assigned. Please review the FWS Supervisor’s Handbook for guidelines on dismissing the student worker.

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