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Faculty FAQs

Why am I asked to verify a student’s attendance? My bargaining contract specifies that I am not required to take attendance.

We don’t need you to take daily or weekly attendance, we ask you only to inform us when a student stops attending. Students, who walk away from the college but take a financial aid refund check cost the college money in lost revenue every year.

Students must attend their classes regularly in order to receive excess financial aid funds, the “Financial Aid Refund.” GCC’s Office of Financial Aid is mandated to verify student eligibility based on attendance. Students who unofficially withdraw or “walk away” are not eligible to receive financial aid funds. Federal Regulations required their awards to be adjusted and the money returned to the Department of Education (Title IV).

What happens to the student’s financial aid if he stops attending classes?

Students who stop attending or participating in classes without formally withdrawing from GCC are considered to be withdrawn unofficially. If a student stops attending his classes, he is no longer eligible to receive his financial aid for the term. Any financial aid awarded to him but not fully earned by him for the semester must be refunded to the Department of Education.

So, what happens to the student’s financial aid if she drops or officially withdraws from classes during the semester?

Financial aid is pro-rated for the semester, meaning that aid is earned at a certain rate and not completely provided at the very beginning of the semester. After the 60 percent point in the semester, all financial aid is considered earned. Generally, earned aid is subtracted from the GCC bill for tuition, fees, and books. If earned aid is less than the student’s bill, the student will have to pay the balance.

Students are advised to consult with the financial aid office before they completely withdrawal from the college in order to fully understand the implications of withdrawal.

Do students have to be full-time in order to receive financial aid?

Students do not have to be full-time in order to qualify for Federal Student Aid.

Financial aid eligibility is based on the individual’s financial resources and ability to meet education costs. Every student who wants to be considered for financial aid, including education loans, must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) every school year.

Students with the highest need may be eligible for all their direct education costs to be fully covered, even if they enroll in one 3 or 4 credit course. Others may have to be at least half-time. In order to qualify for education loans, students must maintain half-time enrollment.

My advisee has a solid GPA but she is no longer eligible for financial aid at GCC based on Unsatisfactory Financial Aid Progress? Is this possible?

It is possible. Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Standards are set by the Federal Department of Education and are far stricter than GCC’s Satisfactory Academic Standards. Please check here for a full explanation on the 3 components of Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress.

I’m trying to register my advisee for the upcoming term, but he has a financial aid hold? How does the student know he has a hold on his records?

All holds, regardless of type, are listed under My Account in MyGCC. Financial aid holds result from unsatisfied Outstanding Requirements and are found in student’s MyGCC record. If you and the student have any question, please call us! We will do everything we can to answer your questions and help clear any hold status.

My Advisee chose all on-line classes at registration. What sort of financial aid funding is available for a laptop and/or other computer equipment?

We strongly encourage advisors to ask probing questions ahead of registration, about the student’s preparedness for success in online courses. If a student does not already have or is unable to secure a dependable computer prior to the start of the term, financial aid timelines are not able to accommodate their need.

Students may request loan funds for computer purchases. Student loans must be repaid, and money is not available until 30 days after the start of the semester. The request of loan funds and the request for a computer purchase are separate processes, and students should be referred to the Financial Aid Office for assistance navigating these.

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