Department of Education FSA ID

Using a Federal Student Aid ID and filing the FAFSA online with the Department of Education is the quickest and most accurate method to apply for financial aid. The FSA ID is applied for once, and used throughout a student's academic career, as an electronic signature during the financial aid process.

  • Dependent Students must also have a parent apply for an FSA ID, allowing the import of IRS data and for electronically signing the FAFSA.
  • The FSA ID is used annually to electronically apply for financial aid and to access all federal aid records online.
  • The FSA ID is also used to electronically sign the Direct Loan Program MPN (Master Promissory Note), as well as to access the online Loan Entrance Counseling and Loan Exit Counseling tools.
  • The FSA ID is your electronic signature and provides access to your personal records. It should be kept safe and secure.