Federal Work-Study Program

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Work-Study is a type of financial aid available to FAFSA-filing students who are income-eligible. GCC students desiring a Work-Study job first file a FAFSA, and then receive an offer of Work-Study as part of the financial aid package for the academic year.

Using both federal and institutional funds, Greenfield Community College provides part-time employment opportunities, both on- and off-campus,  for students who demonstrate financial need. Work-study offers students an excellent opportunity to earn spending money while gaining work experience. Hours for work-study positions are flexible enough to fit with your academic schedule. Funds from the Federal Work-Study Program enable eligible students to work an average of 10 hours per week each semester while classes are in session, and around 15 hours per week at other times. Students are expected to budget work-study earnings for educational expenses.

Please note: Students with Federal Work-Study Awards are not guaranteed automatic job placement. Like any part-time employment, student worker applicants contact the supervisor of the job and may be asked to submit an application and be interviewed. The supervisor makes their own hiring decisions based on the student application, interview, and availability.