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Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Greenfield Community College

What is an LPN?

In today’s healthcare system, the licensed practical nurse (LPN) enjoys a rewarding, meaningful career with good employment prospects. LPNs have full responsibility for the quality of health care they provide to patients. The LPN is a graduate of an approved certificate program and is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Practical nurses participate in nursing care of clients with common health problems including health teaching and counseling, routine patient care, giving medications, administering treatments of all types, assisting with diagnostic procedures and observing and reporting patient symptoms. They are also responsible for participating in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the care of their patients.

Generally, a LPN can expect to find employment caring for patients in structured settings such as long-term care facilities and ambulatory settings such as doctor’s offices. However, there are a variety of options available to the practical nurse, especially if you have previous experience in related fields. The LPN is usually characterized as the “bedside nurse” who delivers “hands-on” patient care.

Employment opportunities, in general, are good at this time with pay scales that are steadily increasing in this area of Massachusetts. Benefits are quite good and usually include health insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, hiring bonuses, etc. Extra pay is earned for working evenings, nights and/or weekends. There are also a wide variety of work schedules available giving the LPN great flexibility when attempting to juggle career and family responsibilities.

Acceptance into any one of the Health Occupation Programs at Greenfield Community College is very competitive. All programs accept students annually based on completion of specified admission criteria. Acceptance is also contingent upon space availability in each program.

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