Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101

Sorry, this event is at capacity! Please check back, we may offer it again!

Join us for a beginner-level, hands-on look at best practices for using GCC’s recording studios for podcasts or other spoken-word productions. Participants will be speaking into the mic themselves, hitting record and bouncing some practice recordings of their very own. No tech-savviness is required for this workshop, though having very basic familiarity with Mac OS is recommended. We will cover every necessary step to go from a blank screen to finished recording, including:

  • Proper hardware and system-level settings: Attendees will learn the most efficient way of making sure the microphones are connected, the recording interface is turned on and all of the computer’s input and output settings are squared away before even opening up the recording software.
  • Best Garageband settings for quick project startup: Learn how just a few clicks will take you from staring at a blank project screen to being ready to record.
  • Microphone technique and monitoring while recording: Not everyone has experience using a microphone. This workshop will inform attendees of best practices regarding speaking volume, microphone distancing and input level monitoring to ensure that their recordings have smooth, professional-quality sound.
  • Exporting (or “bouncing”) a recording for distribution: What good is a podcast that can’t leave Garageband? Attendees will learn how to export (“bounce”) their recording as the file type of their choosing so they are able to easily share it with the world.
  • “Zeroing” the system for future use: GCC’s recording studios are not meant to be torn down between uses; learn how to “zero out” (or reset) the system so the next group in the studio knows exactly where to start.

Participation limited; RSVP to reserve a spot!

Thursday, October 6 20225:30pm-7:30pm

S308 TV Studio

One College Drive, Greenfield
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