Mandatory Tuition & fees

To obtain a quick estimate of your tuition and mandatory fees, please use our Tuition and Fee Calculator 

Estimated tuition and fee costs to attend GCC can be calculated using the tuition and fee chart below. Or, you can use our convenient tuition and fee calculator above. When calculating estimated costs, consider the following:

  • The college offers no reduction in tuition and fees for auditing a course.
  • Credit-free courses are priced separately by our non-credit department, Community Ed/Workforce Development.
  • Tuition charges per credit vary depending on whether you are an in-state, out-of-state, or NEBHE student.
  • The college service fees are separate from tuition and are charged at the same rate per credit regardless of whether you are an in-state, out-of-state, or NEBHE student.
  • All online, evening, summer, and intersession courses are charged at the in-state rate regardless of your residency category.
  • The health records administration fee and student activity fee are only charged for day class schedules.

The table below shows estimated charges for in-state residents. NOTE: These rates are subject to change after July 1:

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For and explanation of these mandatory charges click here.

Charge Description Basis Rate (day) Rate (evening, summer, intersession)
Tuition* Per credit $26* $26
Registration fee Per semester $20 $20
College service fee (effective fall 2017) Per credit $201 $201
Health records administration fee Per semester $11 $0
Student activity fee Per semester $30 $0
Other fees may apply. See below.

* NEHBE day tuition is $39 per credit; this is special rate for qualifying New England residents. Out-of-state day tuition is $281 per credit. For more information on these tuition charges click here.

Special course or program fees

Description: Additional fees shown in the table below may be included on your bill for specific programs or courses. Some programs may also require equipment, supplies, or other expenses related to the cost of running the courses within that program. All health occupation students are required to carry College-approved professional liability insurance (information about this charge can be obtained from the Health Occupations Department). NOTE: These fees are subject to change after July 1:



Charge Description Charge Amount
ADN Program Fee $500 per semester, $1,000 annually 
LPN Program Fee $525 per semester, $1,050 annually
Paramedic Training Evening Program Fee $1,005 first year student (3 semesters) , $695 second year student (2 semesters)
EMT Equipment Fee $50
Health Professions Malpractice Insurance $13
EMS 101 $60 (Includes Testing fee and CPR) also billed for Equipment and Simulation Fee
Senior Art Painting Fee $20 per credit
Applied Music Fee $255 thirty minute lesson, $510 one hour lesson
Digital Recording in Music Fee $20 per course
Online/Distance Education Course $10 per credit
Studio Art Supply Fee $10 per credit
HSC 101  $20 per course
MAC 271 Medical Assistant Program Fee $300 per course
Prior Learning Portfolio Assessment fee $50 per credit
Patient Simulation Lab Fee  $20 per course
Wilderness Orientation Expedition for OLP $525 per class
Intro to Outdoor Adventure Skills $475 per class
Adventure Prog Plan & Fieldwork I $75 per class
Wilderness Med Prep Rescue $200 per class
Backcountry Travel Instr. I $350 per class
Wilderness First Responder $50 per class
Individual Project in OLP $50 per class
Adv. Project Plan & Fieldwork II $100 per class
Rock Climbing Instructor $400 per class
River Canoe Instructor $350 per class
Challenge Course Practitioner $250 per class
Coastal Kayak Instructor $475 per class
Ice Climbing $175 per class
Intro to Nordic Skiing $150 per class
Back Country Travel Instruct. II $500 per class
Winter Mountaineering $200 per class
Fundamentals of Technical Rock Climbing $300 per class

Other fees

Description: Other fees are used to cover specific costs such as:


Charges Description Charge Amount
Payment plan fee $35 per semester
Late payment plan fee $10 for each month payment is more than 30 days past due until account referred to collections
Late payment fee $35 per semester
Returned check fee $15 per returned check
Transcript fee $3 per transcript
Student Health Insurance $2,390 (fall semester-annual coverage); $1,595 (spring semester-8 month coverage); subject to change after July 1

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