Student Recognized by New England Educators

December 8, 2014

Megan Doull’s instructors at Greenfield Community College aren’t the only ones who know she’s an exceptional student. Educational leaders from across New England recognize Doull’s academic success. At their annual Fall conference, members of the Learning Assistance Association of New England (LAANE) presented Doull with the LAANE Student Scholarship. Highly recommended by GCC faculty, Doull was chosen from applicants from across New England. LAANE’s $500 Student Scholarship is awarded to a student who is enrolled in a bachelor or associate degree program, has completed at least 6 credits of developmental course work, earned at least 24 credits, and has a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.20. LAANE, a regional affiliate of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acceptance, advancement, and improvement of developmental education through research and practice. Developmental courses are taken by students whose college entrance exams show they do not have adequate preparation for some college-level courses; developmental courses serve as  a pathway into college-level courses.

Doull, 19, from Colrain, has taken developmental courses at GCC and made a highly successful transition from developmental courses into college-level courses. She is currently taking prerequisites in preparation for applying to GCC’s Associates Degree of Nursing program. Doull was on the Spring 2014 Dean’s List (over 3.50 term grade point average), and on the Summer 2014 President’s List (4.00 term grade point average). After completing her Associates Degree, Doull plans to study toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, perhaps through GCC’s partnership with Endicott College or at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Commenting on Doull’s success at GCC, GCC English Instructor and Co-Coordinator of Peer Tutoring, Cindy Snow, said, “Megan Doull knows what she wants and she works like mad to get there. Megan is excelling at Greenfield Community College. She started at GCC with fair to good skills, curiosity, intelligence, and drive; she applied herself wholeheartedly, and moved on to solidify her accomplishments and develop excellent skills. She’s the sort of student every instructor wishes to have in class. She was never late, never left early, and she volunteered in class on a regular basis. She also worked well in small groups, guiding her peers if they drifted off task, and tackling projects with enthusiasm. I enjoy watching her progress and can’t wait to see her graduate and attain her goals.”

Reflecting on the LAANE award, Doull said, “It has been very gratifying to have my hard work noticed. I never thought something like this would happen and it’s really helped motivate me. The biggest thing I’ve learned at GCC is to try. I was scared to try at first, but GCC helped me gain hope. Everyone at GCC has helped me be able to get this scholarship; I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help. I’m a year ahead of where I thought I would be in working towards being a nurse.”

Doull graduated from Franklin County Technical High School where she studied Health Technology and became a Certified Nursing Assistant. The clinical hours in high school helped prepare her for her future career. During her senior year of high school, she completed the Emergency Medical Technician Basic course, receiving six GCC college credits. Doull has studied at GCC since fall 2013 when she took three developmental classes and one credit-bearing class. In January 2014, she took an intensive college level English composition class. In Spring 2014, she took two credit courses and two developmental courses. During the summer 2014 sessions, she studied an intensive version of Anatomy and Physiology. Currently, Doull is taking a psychology course, Sociology 101, Microbiology, developmental math, and her humanities elective, Middle Eastern Dance. Along with studying, Doull enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, helping out family members with chores, and volunteer work. She also enjoys hunting and has hunted her whole life. She and her family eat everything they harvest, and Doull values spending time outdoors in the peace of nature.

Commenting on her experience at GCC, Doull said, “I chose Greenfield Community College because it is close to where I live and their nursing program has an outstanding reputation and job outlook. I know GCC’s nursing program is extremely competitive and acceptance is not easy, so this gives me incentive to put my utmost effort into my studies. GCC is full of hardworking students. This atmosphere of intellectual peers and experienced, caring professors and staff make it a setting to thrive in academically and socially. The college trains its students well for their careers, as both my aunt and family friend experienced in nursing jobs after receiving their GCC degree. My goal was, and is, to show dedication in my studies so I have a strong reputation in the college when applying to its nursing program.”

Nationally, studies indicate that over 50% of students entering community colleges take developmental courses.  Doull’s success stands out.

GCC’s Peer Tutoring Program Co-coordinator Norman Beebe serves on the Executive Board of LAANE and chairs the conference proposal committee. Over 100 educators from throughout New England attended the 2014 LAANE conference.

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For information about developmental education at GCC, contact the chairs of GCC’s English and Mathematics Departments: Christine Jones Monahan, English Department Co-Chair, 413-775-1273, and Steve Poulin, English Department Co-Chair, N326 775-1233,, and Linda Cavanaugh, MathematicsDepartment Chair, 413-775-1455,

By Mary McClintock, ’82