What’s your GCC story?

January 31, 2018

Greenfield Community College would like to hear from those whose lives were changed by GCC. Regina Curtis, a GCC alum and the College’s Executive Director of Resource Development announced the launch of this open call. “Whether you attended in the 1960s or last year; whether you received an Associate’s Degree or just took a few courses that set you on the path to your life’s work – we want to hear your story,” she says. “We know that GCC has touched the lives of many thousands of people in our community and we would like to update and deepen the connections with our GCC alumni.”

Did attending GCC allow you to begin your professional career as, e.g., a nurse, a firefighter, an EMS, an outdoor leader or a realtor? Was it having your child, sibling or parent attend GCC that impacted your life or a generation of your family? Did your GCC transfer degree set you on the path to a 4-year or post-graduate degree? We know in the abstract that all of these scenarios are true, but we don’t know your story.

These stories are – your story is – an inspiration to our students, our faculty and our staff and they  inspire support of current students and programs at GCC. Here’s just one story that we have heard from GCC alum Judith Roberts ’94 of Colrain:

I began my first night class at GCC in my early ‘30s, working full time and raising a family. I didn’t know it would be 15 years, at one course a semester, before I completed my Associate’s Degree. And nor did I imagine that I would end up writing a sonnet or teaching a class on how to cook camerones (shrimp) in Spanish.  I refer to my algebra and chemistry courses as “a metaphor for my life – it did not come easily but I persevered and did well.”

With encouragement from GCC Transfer Coordinator Rob Yacubian, I was accepted at Smith College, receiving my B.A. in ’00, and then an M.Ed. from Harvard University in ’02. But I credit the teachers at GCC as some of the best of my overall college experience. I remember their love of teaching and how they “believed in me until I believed in herself.” And now, as Executive Director of The Literacy Project in Greenfield, I am able to share my passion for learning and help other adults gain access to education to change their lives for the better.

Often in our lives it’s one person (or just a few) who inspire us, direct us, guide us…and make all the difference.  Please tell us how your GCC experience might have made that difference in your life.

So, what’s your story? Tell us at www.gcc.mass.edu/MyGCCStory  And, this is the first piece of a larger effort by the College to connect with alumni. Watch for an Alumni Survey later this spring!

If you would like to learn more about the initiative, contact Regina Curtis at Greenfield Community College at curtisr@gcc.mass.edu or 413-775-1426.

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