COVID Vaccine Mandate Ending at Massachusetts Community Colleges, Including GCC

March 2, 2023

All Massachusetts community colleges, including Greenfield Community College, will no longer require COVID vaccines for enrollment into their institutions at the conclusion of the current semester.

The decision came from all the community college presidents in the state. This will also coincide with the start of commencements for all of the community colleges, including GCC's commencement on June 3.

"Taking into consideration the changing public health landscape around COVID-19, including the anticipated end of the national public health emergency declarations, the community college presidents have decided that, after conclusion of final exams of the Spring 2023 semester, the COVID-19 vaccine requirement will be lifted. Students and employees will no longer need to provide proof of vaccination as a condition of entry, participation, or enrollment. Certain groups of students and employees may continue to have COVID-19 vaccination requirements as a condition of their clinical or external placements," a statement from Massachuetts Association of Community Colleges said.

"After serious considerations about the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty, as well as considering how to best serve our entire community with affordable, high-quality education, the Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges determined that ending the COVID vaccine requirement on campuses in time for commencements was the right step," GCC Pres. Michelle Schutt said.

Schutt is also part of MACC, as is every other community college president in the state.

Schutt said that the decision has been informed by several factors, including but not limited to the federal government's decision to end the national and public health emergencies in May, continuously improving treatment options for patients with COVID-19, as well as vaccination rates at community colleges exceeding 90 percent.

"Due to the effectiveness of the vaccine requirement early on in the pandemic, our campuses have continuously been highly vaccinated," Schutt said.

Though the vaccine requirement will be removed, Schutt said that GCC will continue to urge everyone to receive the COVID vaccine and boosters. In addition, certain programs, like those in healthcare, may still require the COVID vaccine in order to enroll.