GCC Pres. Schutt Approves MCCC Union Pay Increases Despite Not Yet Being Approved by State Legislature

November 16, 2023

Greenfield Community College President Michelle Schutt has announced that the college will be enacting all salary increases for MCCC staff union members, in spite of the increases not yet being approved by the Mass. State Legislature this week.

The decision comes after the State Legislature did not approve the supplemental budget at the conclusion of its formal session on Nov. 15. The increases will come with payments for increases retroactive to July 1 and COVID-19 bonuses. The legislature is expected to take up the supplemental budget as part of its informal session next week.

"We are confident that the supplemental budget will be passed during the legislature's informal session, especially since both the House and Senate agreed to approve the contract portion of the budget. However, knowing that our staff cannot and should not wait until then, we will be processing all long-awaited salary adjustments for MCCC faculty and professional staff," Pres. Schutt said.

The MCCC Union, which stands for "Massachusetts Community College Council," represents professional staff and faculty at each of the 15 community colleges in Massachusetts, including GCC.

Pres. Schutt and the other 14 community college presidents in the state have supported the increases requested by MCCC since negotiations at the state level began earlier this summer, and have even urged legislators via direct communications to approve the supplemental budget that included the increases. Until the supplemental budget is passed, Pres. Schutt said she will continue to show her support.

"We will continue to petition alongside our staff and faculty to get them what's deserved and will not stop until the supplemental budget is passed," Pres. Schutt said.