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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Preferred first name policy

Greenfield Community College (GCC) recognizes that students may prefer to use a first name that differs from their legal name for many reasons. GCC has adopted a preferred first name policy to address this need. The full policy is available here.

Students may change their preferred first name via their MyGCC account. The navigation is My account > Add/Change Preferred First Name. The entered name will stay in effect until the student removed the name or per the policy, the college revokes in case of improper use.

Alternately, a student may change their preferred first name by submitting the Preferred First Name Add/Change/Remove form to Enrollment Services in C103. the form is available here.

GCC is rolling out the use of preferred first name in stages. Initially preferred first name will be fed to GCC’s learning management system, Moodle. Check back on this page for updates.

Where is preferred first name used as of 01/26/2018:

MyGCC Dashboard
Class Rosters
Grade Rosters