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GCC 2013-14 Academic Catalog

Liberal Arts (lib)


Associate in Arts

60-62 credits

Satisfies MassTransfer Block

Required courses

The degree

Provides a broad background in the humanities, behavioral sciences, and natural sciences.

Your next step

Transfer to a Baccalaureate program.


The course-selection guide below provides the most flexible way to complete a Liberal Arts degree at GCC. If students are uncertain about a career path or about the specific college or university to which they may transfer, then this general, flexible plan is a good choice. Students should work closely with their GCC advisor to select the specific courses that will help meet the course prerequisites and expectations at that institution.

More info

Please note that transfer to many four year colleges and universities will require the completion of four semesters of World Languages. Four sequential semesters of World Language classes from GCC will fulfill any UMass-Amherst language requirement.

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Program contact

Leo Hwang, Office: S322, (413) 775-1221,

The Liberal Arts degree may be completed fully online. Visit for additional information. Also, see the anticipated online course offerings for the next several semesters at

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