Your Bill

Billing Due Dates

Term Charges Available on MyGCC Bill Due Date
Fall 2024 July 7, 2024 August 5, 2024
Spring 2025 November 9, 2024 January 3, 2025
Summer 1 2025 April 17, 2024 Upon Registration
Summer 2 2025 April 17, 2024 Upon Registration

For class registrations after the billing due date, late start classes, and classes that do not meet for the entire semester, charges are due upon receipt of your bill.

The College’s official means of delivering your billing statement is electronically via your MyGCC account. To receive a paper statement, send a message to with “Request for Bill” in the subject line.

For the most up-to-date billing charges:

For the most recent PDF statement:

  • Log into your MyGCC account
  • Click on My Account
  • Under the Billing menu, click on View Statement
  • Choose the most recent date from the drop down menu
  • Click View Statement

Any time a new PDF statement is uploaded to your account, an email notification is sent to your GCC student email and any active personal email addresses we have on file.

If you are considering dropping classes, exchanging classes (dropping a class and adding another class of equal credit), officially withdrawing from all of your classes, or simply not showing up for classes after the semester begins, review our refund policy for important deadlines. Our refund policy is also available on the PDF bill statements uploaded to your MyGCC account.

Past Due Bills

Spring 2024 accounts are now considered past due. 

Past due accounts are subject to the following actions:

  • GCC reserves the right to cancel your class schedule for nonpayment.
  • You will be denied additional services such as:  future registration, release of your grades, or release of academic transcripts until your bill is paid in full.
  • Past due accounts with balances of $100 or greater will be assessed a one-time $35 late fee per semester.
  • Your account will be submitted to a collection agency and you will be responsible for additional collection charges of up to 22.7% of your unpaid balance.
  • Your account will be reported to the Massachusetts Debt Intercept Program (balances of $25 or greater) where state and federal payments due you, including state tax refunds, will be intercepted and transferred to Greenfield Community College until your bill is paid in full. Debt Intercept Program: Overdue accounts are subject to Mass. Department of Revenue intercept of state and federal payments, including state tax refunds (MGL C.62D). Please contact the Bursar’s Office to dispute overdue charges or submit a written request for a hearing as allowed under MGL C.30A.
  • A $10 late fee may be charged to payment plan accounts for each month a payment is more than 30 days past due.

Pay your past due bill immediately to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.