Your bill

Bill Due Date

Spring 2019:

Spring 2019 BILLS ARE DUE BY JANUARY 4, 2019. For any class registrations occurring after that date, including late starting classes, and classes that don’t meet for the entire semester, charges are due immediately upon receipt of your new bill. See additional information and helpful links below that will guide you through options for paying your bill.

Remember, if you are considering dropping classes, exchanging classes (drop a class and add another class of equal credit), officially withdrawing from all of your classes, or simply not showing up for classes after the semester begins, it is very important that you thoroughly read our refund policy to learn when you will be entitled to a reduction in charges or a refund of any payments made. Our refund policy is clearly stated on the reverse of all hardcopy bills and on page two of the electronic version of your bill.

We anticipate that spring 2019 charges should be available to view on your account by no later than Tuesday, November 13. Our official means of delivering your billing statement to you is electronically via your “MyGCC” account. If you wish to receive a paper bill, you may request one at any time by sending a message to Enter “Request for Bill” in the subject line.

Once you receive your first e-bill, for any new registrations occurring after that date, a new e-bill will be available within 3-7 days following any changes to your registration that effect your charges. Anytime changes are made to your class schedule, those changes will trigger a new bill. We generate bills every Friday through the last day to drop classes with a partial refund. Each time a new e-bill is available online, an e-mail notification will be sent to your GCC student e-mail account as well as to any active personal e-mail accounts we have on file. Upon receipt of the notification, review the helpful links that will assist you in paying your bill. We urge students to pay online through their “MyGCC” account in order to expedite the payment process.

Fall and Summer 2018:

If you have not yet paid your fall and/or summer 2018 bills in full by now, your account is considered seriously past due. Regular collection procedures apply, including: a late fee, a financial obligation hold on your account, denial of access to grades and transcripts, denial of future registration, collection agency referral, and MA State Intercept Reporting. Please pay your past due bill immediately to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Once your account is submitted to our collection agency, you will be required to submit all payments to the collection agency and you will be liable for a collection fee of up to 18 percent of your unpaid balance. See past due bills for additional information on our collections process.

Accessing your bill online

Each time an electronic bill (e-bill) is available for you to view and print online, an email message will be sent to your GCC student e-mail account as well as any active personal e-mail accounts we have on file. Upon receipt of the email notification, review the helpful links that will assist you in paying your bill. Be sure to remit payment immediately if your account is past due. We urge students to pay online through your “MyGCC” account in order to expedite the payment process.

To access your e-bill online, do the following:

  • Log into your MyGCC account. Get help with your username and password if necessary.
  • Place your cursor over “My Account”
  • Click “View Statement” located under the “Billing” menu.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the statement bill date of the statement you wish to view.

If you wish to receive a hardcopy of your bill, you will need to contact the Bursar’s Office upon receiving email notification that your e-bill is available. NOTE: Whenever you change your schedule, it will result in adjustments to your charges. Therefore, you will receive a new bill following any changes you make to your class schedule during the allowed time frame. That new bill is due immediately.

Billing questions & contacts

You can find answers to most of your billing questions by clicking our FAQs. Or, contact the GCC Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office. Any of our staff members can assist you.

Phone: 413-775-1301
Fax: 413-775-1329

For information regarding your financial aid package call 413-775-1109.

For information regarding the official process for adding or dropping a class or withdrawing altogether contact Enrollment Services at 413-775-1807/1801 or call the Advising Center at 413-775-1339. Click the “Refunds” menu option for general guidance regarding the process for withdrawal and our refund policy.

Payment options

A 4-month payment plan is available. For more information, see Payment Plan.

To review your payment options, click here for How to Pay. We urge students to pay online whenever possible.

Refund policy & explanation of charges

Be sure to review our refund policy. To understand your charges, review the explanation of charges.

Waivable charges

Health Insurance Charge:  MUST BE WAIVED BY AT LEAST THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES. If you are eligible to waive, you must complete a new online waiver each semester you are charged. To learn more about the Student Health Insurance Plan, place your cursor over the “Health insurance” tab and choose your menu option. If you choose the “Insurance waivers” option, you should read the information provided regarding eligibility to waive and what constitutes comparable coverage before you click the waiver link. Once you click the waiver link, you will be re-directed to the insurance servicer’s website to complete the waiver form. You must verify and certify that you are eligible to waive this charge. A confirmation number will be provided upon successful submission.

Billing Worksheet

This electronic worksheet is available via your “MyGCC” account.

You are required to submit a Billing Worksheet with your first payment if:

  1. all or a portion of your bill is being paid by: a third party, a tuition and/or fee waiver, financial aid, or scholarship
  2. you are participating in our 4-month payment plan (fall and spring semesters only)

NOTE: When completing the Billing Worksheet, if you list alternative financial resources (such as financial aid, third party payments, scholarships, waivers, or in-house grants) that you expect will be paying all or a portion of your bill , you must submit acceptable documentation as proof of that financial resource. Click the related link above for relevant financial resource to learn what constitutes acceptable documentation for each. Upon completion of the worksheet, you must check the e-certification box to indicate that you’ve read the student certification statement at the bottom of the form.

Financial Aid & Billing Information Release Form

This waiver form is mandatory if you wish to authorize the Student Billing Office and/or the Financial Aid Office to discuss details of your financial aid and/or tuition and fee account with any third party(s) you designate (parent, spouse, employer, government agency, etc.). Financial Aid & Billing Information Release Form