Billing Worksheet/Payment Plan Enrollment Form

Log into MyGCC and navigate to My account → Billing → Billing Worksheet/Payment Plan Enrolllment Form to complete the Billing Worksheet online. Billing Worksheet is only available for fall and spring semesters.

Be sure to have your billing statement and financial aid awards available for referencing when completing the online billing worksheet.

For fall and spring bills, a completed Billing Worksheet/Payment Plan Enrollment is mandatory and must be submitted to the Student Financial Services Office by the due date of your bill in order to notify us if other financial resources (financial aid, tuition waiver, third party, private scholarships or in-house grant) will be paying all or a portion of your bill. (A worksheet is not required for summer bills, which are due upon receipt.)

If a balance exists after deducting other financial resources on the worksheet, you must pay the balance due by the due date when submitting your completed worksheet. A clear written commitment on agency/company letterhead or a purchase order from all third party entities you listed must be provided to the Student Financial Services once you have submitted the worksheet.

The worksheet serves two purposes:

  • Calculate the amount you owe by the due date.
  • Enroll in our four-month payment plan.

The certification section at the bottom of the worksheet must be agreed to by any student completing the worksheet.