Student support services

Academic Advising Center

Core 118 – (413) 775-1339 – Visit website
The Academic Advising Center helps students set academic and career goals and register for classes.

Channing & Marie Bete Veterans Center

North 215 – (413) 775-1882 – Visit website
The Greenfield Community College VETS Center is the central hub for our veterans programming, certification of educational benefits, and referrals on campus.


Core 428 – (413) 775-1332 – Visit website
Counseling by trained professionals is offered at GCC to help cope with personal challenges and academic struggles.

Disability Services

Core 423 – (413) 775-1332 – Visit website
The Office of Disability Services works with students, faculty and staff to promote access to all facets of the college experience for individuals with disabilities.

Financial Aid

Core 102 – (413) 775-1109 – Visit website
In an effort to enable all qualified students to attend GCC, the College offers assistance to students with demonstrated financial need and participates in all major federal and state financial aid programs. GCC’s Financial Aid Office can help students with a combination of three general types of financial assistance:

  • Grants and scholarships from federal, state, and institutional sources, which students do not repay;
  • Loans backed by federal, state, or private sources, which students must repay, usually at long-term, low-interest rates;
  • Federal work-study, which provides part-time jobs during the summer or the school year, either on or off-campus.

Contact the Financial Aid Office with questions about specific programs.

Fitness Center

East 109A – (413) – 775-1143
The Fitness Center houses a variety of cardiovascular and strength training equipment. It is free and open to all students.

Food Pantry

North 240 – (413) 775-1819 – Visit website
The GCC Food Pantry is an official site of Franklin County Community Meals, Inc. All GCC students who could use a little help making ends meet are invited to stop by. SNAP assistance available.

Hammond Business Studio

East 115
GCC business students enjoy a comfortable, technically-enabled study space for collaborative learning and easy-access to department faculty.

Health Records

North 408 – (413) 775-1430
Health Records is responsible for the collection of student immunization forms, health occupation forms and can help you understand the student insurance plan.


Core 3rd Floor – (413) 775-1830 – Visit website
The GCC Library serves the study and research needs of a diverse group of teachers and learners by providing a variety of services, collections, and technology. Both quiet and conversation-friendly study spaces are available. Food and drink are allowed throughout the Library.The Library is open to the entire GCC community, as well as to the public.

Math Studio

North 330A & B – Visit website
The Math Studio helps create a “community of learners” outside of the formal classroom. In the Math Studio, students from courses ranging from Basic Mathematics to Calculus work with and help each other, or receive assistance from math faculty. Math texts and references, computers, calculators, and math manipulatives are available for student use to enhance and support their learning.

Peer Tutoring

Core 403 – (413) 775-1330 – Visit website
Peer Tutoring is provided for any GCC student who needs help with course work and wishes to improve academic performance.

Social Science Studio

East 115
The Social Science Studio provides a welcoming and resource-rich space for students to convene and interact with each other and faculty in the social and behavioral sciences. Students and faculty use the Social Sciences Studio for tutorials, study groups, computer projects and access to the college network and the Internet, small group projects, as well as college/community meeting and networking. The studio also provides gallery display space and periodically presents special events, speakers, and films in the day and evening.

Student Activities & Community Service

Core 216 – (413) 775-1200 – Visit website
The Student Life office provides a comprehensive program of student activities including clubs/organizations, concerts, live theatrical performances and lectures. Student leadership opportunities are available through student life including participation in student senate and student activities council.

Testing Center

Core 110 – (413) 775-1147 – Visit website
Most students are required to complete reading, writing, and mathematics assessments before registering for their first credit course. The testing center accurately and supportively assesses the skill levels of incoming and currently enrolled students for appropriate placement in college courses.

Transfer Services

Core 118 – (413) 775-1207 – Visit website
GCC offers comprehensive transfer counseling, over 20 programs that meet the MassTransfer requirements for transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program, and transfer agreements with both public and private schools throughout New England.Yes, you can get there from here!

Women’s Resource Center

Core 212A – (413) 775-1114
The Women’s Resource Center is a place where women can meet each other, eat, study and develop a sense of community and belonging. The coordinator can help women with issues that act as barriers to success such as transportation, housing and child care.