Fall Transfer Weeks

Join us for GCC’s Transfer Weeks Extravaganza! For four themed weeks all our welcome to attend presentations from both GCC program representatives, and transfer schools throughout Massachusetts and beyond. These weeks are dedicated to showing students how they can make a seamless transition from GCC to the bachelors degree program of their choice.

How It Works

Representatives from nearly 20 transfer schools will be present and providing informational presentations on how GCC students can transfer and be accepted into the major of their choice. It’s one thing to be accepted, but another to be accepted and on-track for your major! Presentations will range from 15 to 30 minutes and length and all sessions will be done on Zoom through the events Join Current Presentation link:

Presentation Schedule

Use the links below to view a full schedule of presenters for each week:

How to Participate

To get the most out of GCC Transfer Weeks students should:

  • Review the full event schedule below and highlight the schools and majors you are interested in
  • Click on the Join Current Presentation button at the day and time of the presentations you want to attend
  • Take notes and write down questions you have for the presenter (there will be time for Q&A)
  • Follow up with presenters whose programs were of most interest to you—contact information will be provided