Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College


Download our Transfer Checklist to help you prepare for your four-year degree!

GCC has articulation agreements with a number of private and out-of-state colleges (in addition to MassTransfer agreements with Massachusetts schools). These agreements can mean that upon admission to a four-year college or university:

  • If you pass specific GCC courses with a minimum grade (determined by the accepting institution) you are guaranteed to receive transfer credit, and/or
  • If you graduate from a specific GCC program with a minimum GPA, you are guaranteed to receive transfer credit if you matriculate into a specific program at the transfer institution

Note that transfer to many four-year colleges and universities may require the completion of foreign language. See our Transfer Coordinator to help you determine language requirement at the schools and degree programs you are interested in exploring.

Course equivalencies and transfer agreements with our partner schools are listed below when available. Don’t see a school on our list? Visit us in the Transfer Office or contact the school directly. You may still be able to transfer your credits wherever you plan to go—we’ll help you find out how!