Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board works to ensure that the college meets the objectives of protecting people’s privacy, health and safety, and people’s ability to participate voluntarily in human subject research.

Are you planning research or conducting a survey?  Follow STEPS 1-2-3

Step 1:  Complete the Research Notification Form and answer the TWO questions on the form (It’s really short!).  Research Notification Form

Step 2:  If indicated by Step 1, complete an Institutional Review Board Application. (Not all research needs an application, so check Step 1 first, and save yourself some time.)  Application for IRB Review

Step 3:  Once you submit to the IRB (via email or by mail to Brian Kapitulik,, you’re done for the moment.  The IRB will be in touch with you soon.  If you have questions, please call or email Brian Kapitulik (x1252), Institutional Review Board Chair.


IRB members

  • Martha K. Field, Ph.D., Faculty
  • Cristin Carpenter, Ph.D., Faculty
  • Brian Kapitulik, Ph.D., Faculty and Committee Chair
  • Amy Swisher, M.Ed., Director of Community & Public Relations, Bay State Franklin Medical Center
  • Peter Rosnick, Ed.D., Dean of Social and Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology

IRB meeting minutes