The purpose of the Behavioral Intervention Team at Greenfield Community College is to contribute to a safe, supportive, and productive learning environment.

The team is a campus resource charged with responding to reports of concerning behavior on campus. The team receives information from the College community regarding individuals who may be at risk and/or who are displaying concerning behavior—then determines what, if any, action needs to be taken in order to intervene to support the best possible outcome for the individual.

The team is responsible for:

  • Handling incidents with respect and protection of privacy for the involved parties
  • Providing consultation and support to the campus community
  • Connecting students with resources
  • Recommending and initiating interventions
  • Ongoing monitoring and review of cases as necessary

The team includes:

  • Coordinator of Disability Resources
  • Director of Public Safety
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Interim Dean for Enrollment Management (Chair & Student Conduct Officer)
  • Learning Support Counselor
  • Title IX Officer

BIT meetings include confidential information. The decision about who to have present for a given BIT meeting is made on a case-by-case basis. You may be invited to a BIT meeting to provide information to assist in the work of the team related to a student case.

Yes. The BIT form can be used to report the concerning behavior of any person witnessed on campus; student, faculty, staff, contractor, vendor, or visiting guest from the community.

No. Concerns regarding college employees should be directed to Human Resources.

  • Immediate action is needed when a student's behavior appears to pose a threat to themselves or others. In these cases, please call 413-775-1111 to engage Public Safety personnel. Following a critical incident a Report of Concern should be submitted. This will initiate additional follow-up to support the student and community.
  • If you notice a pattern of deteriorating academic performance, increased absences, and increasingly concerning behavior. If you are questioning the need to submit a concern feel free to contact your supervisor or any member of the BIT for guidance.
  • If a student writes or tells you about an incident or situation that makes you uncomfortable about the student's intentions or safety.

When concerned about a student's behavior, any member of the campus is encouraged to submit a Report of Concern which will be reviewed by the BIT. The electronic Report of Concern form is available via MyGCC and should be filled out as soon after an incident as is reasonable. The concern should also be reported to the reporter's immediate supervisor.

Retaliation against an individual for reporting or participating in any matter that could be in violation of the College’s Affirmative Action Policy or Student Code of Conduct is prohibited and that the college will similarly investigate any allegation of such retaliatory behavior and take disciplinary action if warranted.

Any threatening or dangerous behavior should immediately be reported to Public Safety. Do not use the Report of Concern system when immediate threat is present.

If a Report of Concern is filed and the information in it includes a possible violation(s) of the Student Code of Conduct, a meeting will be scheduled with the student and the GCC conduct officer. (There is a link to the student code of conduct from this page). The purpose of this meeting is to determine whether or not a violation has occurred and if it has to respond with an appropriate sanction. It should be noted that behavior influenced by an individual’s mental state (irrespective of the ultimate evaluation), or use of drugs or alcoholic beverages shall not limit the responsibility of that individual for the consequences of his or her actions. The disciplinary process is designed to address behavior and ensure safety for the student of concern and the GCC community.

The Executive Director of Human Resources will investigate matters regarding employee conduct.  Allegations concerning behavior that may be in violation of the Policy on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity will typically be investigated by the Executive Director as well.

While the BIT strives to maintain confidentiality to the extent legally permissible, circumstances may ultimately dictate that the person identified in the report be informed of who made the report in order for that individual to fairly and accurately respond to the observations made about their behavior.