Guidelines for Filing a Report

OverviewIntervention Sequence

Any threatening or dangerous behavior should immediately be reported to Public Safety and your direct supervisor.  Do not use the report of concern system when immediate threat is present.

The Report of Concern provides a mechanism through which a report can be logged regarding a student behavior that is concerning to you.   Submission of a report initiates a process of inquiry and action intended to be supportive to the individual of concern and the people impacted by the behaviors.   The report is only part of a process to generate help for a student or yourself.  Concerns may be reported about, classroom behavior, any conduct that negatively impacts the classroom-learning or campus environment, and safety to self or others.  Submitting a Report of Concern contributes to college-wide threat assessments through prevention and via an early intervention system.

When concerned about a student's behavior, any member of the campus is encouraged to submit a concerning student report which will initiate action by the Behavioral Intervention Team.  The electronic Report of Concern form is available via MyGCC and should be filled out as soon after an incident as is reasonable.  The concern should also be reported to the reporter’s immediate supervisor.

The office of the Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer will be the keeper of the records.  In accordance with FERPA recommendations, the student's disciplinary records are not part of the educational record and will be treated accordingly.

  1. Speak directly with the student
    1. Describe the observed behavior. Ask the student for their thoughts about the behavior or incident that is concerning to you. Be open, honest, and direct in your communication with student.  A two-way conversation may be particularly helpful in reaching an early resolution to the concern.
    2. Provide them with information and resources if the student brings forward associated concerns impacting their lives and behavior.
    3. Advocate for them to obtain assistance by other individuals or offices on or off campus if needed.
  1. Report any academically related student concern that you have with your Dean.
    1. Describe observed behaviors and the impact of these behaviors on instruction, student learning, or the classroom learning environment
    2. Collaborate with the dean on identifying options for interventions that may help to address the student's concerning behavior
    3. Report back to the dean about the results of planned and implemented interventions for improvement; take next steps accordingly
  1. File a Student Concern Report when the concern extends beyond academic classroom progress concerns
    1. Follow directions and give as much information as possible
      • Include others involved
      • Note any actions you have already taken
    2. Resist your interpretation of why you think a person may have behaved in a certain way and only report observable behaviors
    3. Write your report as if the student were going to read it. This will help you stick with describable behaviors rather than interpretation
  1. The Behavioral Intervention Team will review each report and shape action steps in response
    1. A team member may meet with the reporter and/or faculty member(s) to consult re: details of the situation, any updates in the situation, and to consider intervention techniques
    2. The Student Conduct Officer may follow up with a disciplinary hearing if warranted
    3. Public Safety may be engaged in the intervention
    4. Other persons or services may be involved for intervention