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Welcome to GCC Adjunct Faculty!

Greenfield Community College (GCC) recognizes the valuable role you play as continuing education instructors in helping the College fulfill its mission to teach, in a small, supportive and intimate learning environment, the knowledge and skills necessary for our students to reach their highest potential. We seek to support your teaching efforts in whatever way we can and hope that your work experience at GCC is both pleasant and affirming.

If you have questions, please check out our FAQs or contact Donna Barton at or call 413-775-1313.

Calendar & Schedules
Faculty Handbook

Information regarding teaching availability, tentative assignments, and appointment letters as well as other essential communications will be sent electronically to your GCC email address. The email will instruct you to view your electronic teaching contract using MyGCC. You must use your GCC email account or you will miss out on important information that will prevent you from teaching and/or getting paid. This new system links all academic departments, Human Resources and the Payroll office and significantly speeds up the processing of new adjunct appointments. Because of these linkages you cannot just call the academic department or Human Resources and indicate your acceptance of your appointment – the information must be submitted electronically.


Membership in a union is voluntary. Accordingly, the decision to join a union is entirely yours. If you have questions about union membership, you may contact a union representative and/or visit the union’s website (

Salary & Self-Service Info

If you are participating in GCC payroll direct deposit, you may access your paystubs on the Commonwealth Self-Service system via the Blue Login button on the GCC website’s homepage and clicking on “Timesheet” in the drop-down menu: (available 24 hours)


Your Faculty I.D. number will allow you to login to MyGCC where you will find your class lists, enter grades, etc. If you do not know your faculty I.D. number, please contact your division office.

Part-time Job Opportunities

Employees seeking additional work opportunities are advised of the following:

Massachusetts G.L. c. 268A, s. 7 prohibits a current state employee from taking on an additional compensated position with the state unless an exception to the rule applies.  Specifically, the law provides that  “a state employee who has a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in a contract made by a state agency, in which the commonwealth or a state agency is an interested party, of which interest he has knowledge or has reason to know, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000, or by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years, or in a jail or house of correction for not more than 2 1/2 years, or both, unless an exception to the law applies.”  Therefore, unless an exception applies, current employees cannot hold a contract for an additional position with the state.

The typical exception used at the college permits a state employee to perform instructional services both within and outside of the traditional academic classroom setting at a state educational institution as well as services that are directly related to such instruction. Thus, services related to the development of curriculum, the selection and evaluation of teachers, course scheduling, and the advising of students in connection with courses would fall within the statutory exemption. On the other hand, purely administrative or custodial functions such as record-keeping and facility management do not qualify for the exemption. Also, any compensated duties should fall outside the normal work schedule (e.g., teaching DCE in the evening).

If you have any questions regarding how this law might apply to you, please inquire with the office of human resources.

  • No current part-time job openings

Unemployment Benefits & OBRA

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

When you separate from your employment at the College for seven or more days, you are eligible to apply for unemployment insurance benefits. For your convenience, following is the link to the unemployment benefits page:

You may also call 617-626-6560, press 331 after the greeting, and when asked to do so, enter the first five digits of your zip code for addresses of Walk-In Centers nearest you.


OBRA is the mandatory Massachusetts Deferred Compensation SMART Plan (alternate retirement plan for part-time employees). For more information regarding withdrawal of your OBRA benefits, please contact the SMART Plan Service Center at 877-457-1900, or call Carrie Task in the Payroll Office at 413-775-1315.

Campus Parking

Parking rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Violators are subject to ticketing and immediate towing without notice. For complete information about parking rule and regulations, please see Parking hang tags can be obtained from the Public Safety Office in room South 110.


Location: Main Campus, Main Building, N109A & B.
Phone: (413) 775-1190

We accept cash, personal checks, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. For current hours go to:

Please use the textbooks order form online at: Online Faculty Textbook Adoptions

If you need assistance please contact

Category: Adjuncts

Part-time adjuncts are eligible for some limited benefits as listed in the document below. For more information on how to access these benefits, please contact Kathy Forster, Human Resources Coordinator, at ext. 1315.

Adjunct Benefits

Adjuncts may also take advantage of any of the free and anonymous services associated with GCC’s Employee Assistance Program as listed on the document below:

Mass 4 You Employee Assistance Program

Category: Adjuncts

Adjuncts are not required to keep office hours, however it is in the best interest of the students for adjuncts to allocate some time to meet with students outside of the classroom.

Category: Adjuncts

Massachusetts State employees are mandated to participate in direct deposit unless to do so will pose undo hardship for the employee. Employees wishing to request exemption from direct deposit may pick up an Exemption Request form in Human Resources. Employees who do not participate in direct deposit are required to pick up their paychecks in person at the Bursar’s Office at the Main Campus.

Category: Adjuncts

Adjuncts are required to comply fully with the DCE/MCCC Collective Bargaining Agreement, including payment of union dues or agency fees. Failure to pay dues or fees will render you ineligible to teach at any Massachusetts community college. Learn more about MCCC here.

Category: Adjuncts

Please refer to DCE/MCCC agreement, article 10. For further information, contact Sue Belcher, or call 413-775-1205.

Category: Adjuncts

GCC adjunct faculty are paid biweekly.

Category: Adjuncts

The College has a Central Services Office which will provide duplicating services. Duplicating request order forms can be found online at: Please allow at least 5 days for processing. Orders will be delivered to your mailbox in your Division Office when completed. For other assistance, please contact your division administrative assistant.

Category: Adjuncts

The College does not have a specific attendance policy, however it is considered that no more than three absences should be allowed. You should check with your division dean regarding attendance policy, and then make it clear on your syllabus.

Category: Adjuncts

In compliance with the DCE/MCCC Agreement, step salary rates will increase as follows:

SECTION 14.05 (B): “A unit member shall advance from Step 1 to Step 2, or from Step 2 to Step 3 if hired at Step2, upon teaching a sixth (6th) course in the Division of Continuing Education at the College. This Step advancement will occur even if the sixth course is taught concurrently with the fifth course. A unit member may be paid at multiple steps in the same semester.”

SECTION 14.05 (C): “A unit member shall advance from Step 2 to Step 3 upon teaching an eleventh (11th) course in the Division of Continuing Education at the College. This Step advancement will occur for the eleventh course even if the eleventh course is taught concurrently with the tenth course. A unit member may be paid at multiple steps in the same semester.”

Category: Adjuncts

Your Faculty I.D. number will allow you to log into MyGCC where you will find your class lists, enter grades, etc. If you do not know your faculty I.D. number, please contact your division office.