Online Faculty/Staff Development

State-Mandated Ethics Training

The Ethics Reform Bill and the State Ethics Commission’s enabling act include mandatory education and training requirements for full- and part-time public employees at every level of government.

Every state employee must complete an online training program within 30 days of hire and every 2 years thereafter. The online training program that you should use to comply with the requirement is on the Commission’s website. You may use your home or office computers to access the online training program, and you may complete it during work hours.

The current online training program should take about half an hour to complete. Upon completion of the program, you should print out the completion certificate, keep a copy for yourself, and provide a copy to the Human Resources office.


Additional Training

Everfi provides self-paced, online learning material on various topics relevant to a non-residential college setting.

Topics include:

  • Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence for Faculty & Staff at non-residential institutions (see pertinent excerpts from the Community College System’s Affirmative Action plan)
  • Managing Bias
  • Clery Act Basics
  • Workplace Conduct
  • Diversity and Inclusion