Email Communication

The use of "all_users" emails is limited to vice presidents, directors, deans, the President and certain key accounts designated by the President. Anyone who is not on the list of approved senders can request "all_users" emails be sent by their supervisor who is on the approved list above.

Approved senders have discretion on what should be sent to "all_users." For guidance on appropriate use of "all_users," consider if the message is applicable to one or more of the following:

  • emergency information
  • IT security and systems announcements
  • impacts operations at the college and/or its properties
  • interrupts or changes services for students or staff/faculty
  • time-sensitive information that applies to the campus community, such as input sessions or events of interest to the entire community
  • information on events that could significantly disrupt campus operations

Please consider opting into the "bulletin" email list if you wish to communicate with all campus users who have likewise chosen to be included on this list.

Bulletin Opt-In