The Math Studio

The Math Studio has gone hybrid! Download our schedule—then join via Zoom or in person!

A mathematics learning space - 4th Floor North

"The learning of mathematics is enhanced when students feel they belong to a community of learners; when they have the opportunity to interact with each other, tutors, and instructors, both in and out of the classroom."

— from the Greenfield Community College Math Department Philosophy

The Math StudioThe Math Studio is the space that helps to create a "community of learners" outside of the formal classroom.  In the Math Studio, students from beginning level to advanced courses work with and help each other, or receive assistance from math faculty.  Math texts and references, computers, calculators, and math manipulatives are available for student use to enhance and support their learning. Here are some of the things students have to say about the Studio:

  • It's a place to study and do your homework and realize you're not the only one having difficulty. It is a place where you realize your own strengths when you help someone else and it's a place with a feeling of camaraderie and teamwork. You are not learning in a vacuum all by yourself.
  • I am a very busy single mom, taking three classes while working part-time. I normally do most of my mathematics homework in the Studio and have received much needed support and help there. I have many doubts about my math abilities and the Studio has been a place to relax as well as get help.

If you would like an individual one-on-one peer tutoring appointment, contact the Peer Tutoring Program at 775-1330.