Music student Dan Babineau inspired to give to GCC

Matthew Shippee, Dan Babineau, Regina Curtis, Leo Hwang-Carlos

When GCC Music student Dan Babineau is inspired by someone, he wants them to know. That’s why he gave a $100 donation and letter to Matthew Shippee, Chair of GCC’s Music Department.

In his letter, Dan said, “I am grateful for being here and feel very fortunate. I now know that music will be more than just a hobby in my life, and I am determined to achieve this goal more so than ever. When I feel like I have been shown the truth about what I want in life, I believe in making that known. I believe that tithing my earnings to those who help me is one of the best ways to do this. Ironically, by giving money away, I feel richer and better off. Thank you for offering such a great music department.”

Dan lives in Athol and started studying music at GCC in Fall 2009 after receiving a Bachelors degree in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Massachusetts. Dan did well with his plant pathology studies but spent most of his time playing the piano. At GCC, Dan is exploring his love for music, especially jazz and bebop. He said, “I am fond of the spontaneity of jazz. When playing jazz, I am in the moment and everything is fresh.”

After receiving Dan’s letter, Matthew Shippee said, “It was a wonderful surprise to receive such a direct expression of appreciation from a student. I shared Dan’s letter with his other music teachers because it’s really an appreciation for what the music faculty accomplishes collaboratively. In our department, we invite students to find and express their own voice. I’m grateful when students use that invitation to take action coming from a higher sense of their self and their relationship to our community. Dan is exceptional and his donation is just one way he gives back to our department and the broader college community. I’ve also shared the letter with others on campus, especially Humanities Dean Leo Hwang-Carlos, because Dan’s positive experience is the result of what many people at GCC do for students directly and indirectly every day.”

Matthew Shippee, Dan Babineau, Regina Curtis, Leo Hwang-Carlos

Reflecting on his donation to the GCC Foundation for the music department, Dan said, “Many people think they don’t have much to give, but I think giving the littlest amount can make you feel better and make a big difference for yourself and others. Many people are stressed by money. By giving money to people and organizations that inspire me, I feel great and it makes me believe even more in what I’m doing.”