Student and alumni profiles

Alexander Ayala-Palacin

“At GCC your work will get acknowledged and you will grow.”

Will Byler

“It’s hard to imagine that any other music department anywhere could have been such a good match for me.”

Ashton Lutenegger

“Being at GCC quickly taught me what it means to be a full-on musician.”

Andrew Bussiere

“GCC’s unique curricula, small classes, engaged students, and caring teachers made playing, living, and learning music an absolute pleasure.”

Piper Pichette

“GCC has succeeded in becoming a second home away from home for me.”

John Zarcone

“The GCC music program was a great place to start for me, being a self-taught musician like so many people are.”

Dan Babineau

“GCC helped me become a creative musician and gave me the confidence I needed to play in front of and for people. “

Dan Lederer

“I’m truly grateful for the authentic growth that I’m experiencing through the GCC Music Department.”

Nathan Weigang

“The GCC Music Department takes a unique view of music education.”