Please use this form to request audio visual services and support for your event at GCC.

Prior to requesting a AV support, please:

  1. Complete the Room Reservation form
  2. Check the AV Services calendar to determine if there is a conflict with events that are already scheduled

AV Request

Date of the event(Required)
AV service will be limited during summer 2023. Please be sure to follow the link the the AV Services calendar below. If your day/ time appear "busy," then AV service is probably not available. Contact if you have questions.

Please check the "AV Services" schedule to determine if the AV support staff is available during your event.

The date must be a weekday that is at least 14 days in advance. If your event is sooner, or planned for a weekend, please contact the AV Team at or 413-775-1840.
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This form is for AV services only! please be sure to reserve a room for your event!
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