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Want to chat about being a Business major at GGG? Want information about transfer to UMass Isenberg? Interested in getting skills for the workplace? Looking to change your course schedule?

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BIT (Business & Information Technology) certificates and degrees will help you advance your career or transfer to another institution of higher education. Enhance your skills with us! Many business students use the Business Administration Transfer (BAT) program as a gateway to the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst. We provide a small class size environment with regular student/faculty interaction.

The BIT department is located in the Main Building, North end, 4th floor. We are near the Math Studio. Come visit.  We offer free snacks! And a Free Table - take something or leave something

Transfer Degree

Leads to an Associate in Arts degree in Business Administration Transfer (BAT) for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program to study: Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism, and Sports Management.

What do I need to transfer to UMass Isenberg School of Management or Westfield State University for Business? Transfer Admissions Guide

Career Degree

Leads to an Associate in Science degree in Business Administration General (BAG), with courses in Management, Marketing, Economics, Computer Information Systems, E-commerce, Website Design, Digital Marketing

Students study a core set of general business and general education courses with an expanded set of course electives. See Business Administration General (BAG) required courses

Career Certificates

Lead to a career-related certification. Some certificates stack into Associate Degree programs in business, information technology or liberal arts programs.

Upon completion of our degree programs students will meet all BIT Program Learning Outcomes.