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Who can use the Testing Center?

If you have students who need to take a make-up test or have an accommodation agreement that specifies that they are permitted to take quizzes and tests in the testing center then we are here for you! If you teach an online class that requires tests to be proctored (such as online Math courses do) we’ll work with you to figure out how we can help accommodate your students.

Proctored Exam Coversheet

Please fill out the and attach one to the test.

If you have multiple students needing to take a test, please fill out one Proctored Exam Coversheet (pdf version) or Proctored Exam Coversheet (WORD version)  per test. Every coversheet must include the student’s name and we attach it the test to ensure that the correct student takes the correct test. If your test has two distinct parts: e.g. Part A requires a calculator and Part B prohibits the use of a calculator, please use 2 coversheets because it is like 2 different tests.

Appointments for Students

Please have your students make appointments at least 24 hours in advance of testing. We have a limited number of seats and need to plan in advance. Students are encouraged to use the online form to request an appointment, but they may also call 413-775-1821 or drop by C110.

What do Placement Test Scores Mean?

If you are advising a student on English and Math Placement, please use the following chart to interpret Accuplacer Scores: Placement Test Score Sheet_ revised 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

See list of questions: Testing Center FAQs updated 9_7_2016