Register for Academic Testing

We are open for in person and remote academic testing.

We are currently using remote proctoring for students seeking to take the Accuplacer placement test (English and Math sections) and currency tests for BIO 126, BIO 215, BIO 216, NUR 101 and CIS 140. These tests can also be taken in person.

Before requesting an appointment for placement testing, check in with an advisor about multiple measures of placement, please go to: Once an advisor has confirmed that you do need to take a placement test, please complete the form below to schedule a testing appointment.

We will email you with a confirmed date and time. You may also call the Testing Center at (413) 775-1821.

Please note: At this time we are scheduling appointments for in person and remote testing. Testing time slots are Monday-Friday. If you are not able to test during one of these times, please contact us so we can try to accommodate you. Thank you!