Make-up & distance learning tests

Making up tests

At some time during the semester you may miss a test in one of your classes because of illness or other family emergency. Each of your professors has their own policy about what can be done to make up the test. Some professors do not allow make up testing at all. If you miss a test, it is simply deducted from your grade. But some professors allow you to take your test in The Testing Center.

If your professor allows you to take a test in The Testing Center, first arrange with him or her to send the test and instructions for taking it (the Test Proctor Cover Sheet) to The Testing Center.

Then use the orange button on the right hand side of this page to schedule your test. You may also call The Testing Center at 413 775-1821 if you prefer. Please request appointments AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE during business hours 8-5 Monday through Thursday and 8-4 on Fridays . We currently do not offer evening or weekend testing appointments.  All testers will be required to show an official photo ID at the time of testing.

Request a testing appointment

Disability Accommodations

If you have a Disability Accommodation Agreement through GCC's Disability Services Office, you may have permission to take exams in the Testing Center. After you receive your agreement, discuss it with your instructor and if appropriate, you may arrange with the Testing Center to take exams with us.

Distance learning

Students taking distance learning or online courses (either at GCC or any other college) are welcome to take tests for these courses in The Testing Center. Make arrangements with your professor to mail or email the test(s) to us with the instructions for proctoring the test(s). Then call The Testing Center to make an appointment. There is no charge for this service. Students taking distance learning tests in The Testing Center are required to show a photo ID before taking any test.