Credit by examination

GCC offers several options for credit by examination. Study guides for some challenge exams are available in the Testing Center (C110) or Office of Admission (C103).


  1. Complete the Challenge Exam Form and submit it to the Bursar's Office to have the testing fee assessed to your account.
  2. Pay the appropriate fee in the Bursar's Office. You can not schedule the test until the fee is paid.
  3. Email a copy of the form to or bring with you if you take the test in person
  4. Schedule an appointment for the exam - these tests can be taken remotely via zoom or in person on campus

Courses that can be challenged for credit

Course Code Title Credits Cost*
CIS 140 Computer Applications and Concepts 3 $120
MOM 110 Medical Terminology 3 $120
BIO 126** Biology I 0 $25

*Cost as of 5/2023

**Bio 126 exam is for waiver of prerequisite only. Credit for the course will not be given.

 Credit for prior experience in foreign language

It is possible to earn credit for the following classes if you can demonstrate prior language experience:

  • FRE 101 Elementary French I
  • FRE 102 Elementary French II
  • SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II

Please see GCC's World Languages Department website for more information.