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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

About the Advising Center

At GCC we believe the relationships between students and their advisors are crucial to student’s success. We hope you find the resources here useful. If you’d  like to know more, we encourage you to stop by and see us when you’re on campus.


Academic advising is a collaborative teaching and learning relationship crucial to student success. Advising embodies the Principles of Education by engaging the student and the advisor in a consistent and enduring relationship; helping the student to recognize that teaching and learning occur in many activities, services and interactions, as well as in the classroom; and fostering an understanding of the connection between the student’s education and the student’s life.

Staff in the Advising Center assist new students in their initial course registration process and enrolled students when their assigned advisors are not available. Help may include advice on the selection of appropriate courses to fulfill program requirements, information about college policies and procedures, guidance in the admission and transfer process, and referral to other services on campus.

What is academic advising?
Where does academic advising occur?
What are the responsibilities of academic advising?
How do students benefit from their academic advising experience?