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Course Details & Periodicity

Math Placement Flow Chart

Course periodicity (i.e., when courses are offered) is essential for accurate educational planning. At the beginning of a student’s enrollment and then in each subsequent semester, the student and advisor need to consider periodicity when mapping out the semester-by-semester plan for program completion. Students should visit MyGCC or refer to the Registration Bulletin published in the spring, summer and fall to determine whether a course labeled periodic is offered that term.

Course periodicity chart

Registration and Degree Planning Tools

Degree Audit Checklists

A degree audit is a tool to help you and your advisee track progress toward degree completion. Each major or program of study has an associated degree audit. Please use the degree audit as a checklist to track the courses your advisees take each semester. This will help with planning for graduation and transfer. Prior to graduation, advisors are required to submit completed degree audits to the Registrar’s Office for review.

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Specialized Advising Resources

Archived Advising List Updates

4.08.2020 Advising Update – Withdrawal dates, *NEW* Forms, Moodle for advisors, PINs, and more!

3.29.2020 Advising & Registration Update

Archived Advising Issue of the Day

In preparation for new advising periods, Advising Center staff develop brief summaries of common issues that come up when advising students. The following briefs have been developed to address some common advising issues and questions. Please review these briefs as you prepare for the new registration period and look for new briefs the week leading up to each new advising period—these will be delivered directly to advisor email inboxes and posted here. If you have new questions or topics you’d like to see included in a brief, email