Andrea Moreau

November 16 – December 14

Andrea Moreau will be showing her works on paper in the South Gallery from November 16 - Dec 14. She will join us on zoom in the South Gallery on Wednesday, December 7 at noon.

Andrea Moreau's drawings function as personal interpretations of political or commercial propaganda. She studies the imagery on postage stamps and printed advertisements and, using the visual logic and graphic language of the image, she teases out a larger framework from which to consider it. The finished drawings and paintings are a record of this study; they are a dialogue between the printed and the drawn, the official and the personal, the real and the imaginary. They are metaphors for the way in which we conjure the places we hear about on the news and read about in books, using the tiniest pieces of information to construct a reality that most likely bears little resemblance to any actual place.

Sponsored by the Art Department and Student Senate.