Peter Dudley: A Retrospective

October 7 — November 7

The Greenfield Community College Art Department and the Student Senate are honored to exhibit the work of the late Professor Emeritus Peter Dudley. Born in Concord, NH on October 3rd, 1940, he attended Dartmouth College as a pre-med but transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design, where he earned his BFA. In 1966 he was selected for RISD’s European Honors Program and spent a year developing his craft in Rome. Peter received MFAs from UMass Amherst and the University of Hartford.

Dudley taught at Philips-Exeter Academy, the University of Hartford, University of Connecticut, and the Rhode Island School of Design, but his longest and most dearly held position was here at Greenfield Community College, where he taught from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990s, covering courses such as drawing, painting, 2D design, Color Theory, and Anatomy. Peter firmly believed in rigorous foundational art education and brought passion and energy to his teaching - sometimes fiery and intimidating, Peter wanted his students to find the best in themselves.

Peter was a prolific painter and wood sculptor, rarely without a pen and notebook or portable watercolor set. He drew and painted daily, filling notebooks and binders and folios with studies of sailboats and rigging, cars, houses, people, any of the thousands of “enthusiasms” (toys, knives, interesting packages, cigarette lighters, radios, and on and on) that filled his studio and living space, spilling from cigar boxes and bowls, shelves, and drawers. His drive to make and create was insatiable.

A reception will be provided by the Dudley family Thursday October 10 from 5-7pm.