Statement of Recognition

Members of our community are invited to submit nominations for the Diversity Committee Statement of Recognition.

The purpose of the Diversity Committee Statement of Recognition is to recognize those who work collaboratively to advocate and support diversity in our college community, those who encourage opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to grow in their own understanding of diversity, and promote equality of opportunity for all. This work could involve action, practice, or policy in support of diversity consistent with our Principles of Education, such as:

  • Recognizing how the foundation of one’s ideals and values emanate from one’s particular background and experience
  • Participating in communities as both teacher and learner, connecting with others, sharing thoughts and creating knowledge while taking advantage of an open environment that values critical thinking and civil discourse
  • Enhancing one’s understanding of various forms of discrimination and oppression while embracing the principles of access to promote equitable opportunity for all in the teaching and learning experience
  • Exploring, understanding, and respecting the tenacity and validity of diverse values and heritage
  • Appreciating the interconnectedness of global events and issues and one’s place in the web of life
  • Developing an environment that encourages active learning and values the differing approaches of all community members

Through this work, those recognized are supporting not only diversity, but the mission of the College. We hope that by documenting recognition, we are also cataloging specific examples of good diversity work.

The committee will make a conscious effort to balance recognizing work done on both small and large scales, as well as work done by current students, faculty, and staff. The committee will choose who to recognize, as well as when and how often to send recognitions, but anyone is able to submit a nomination below.

Statement of Recognition Nomination Form

  • Please describe the action, practice, or policy supporting diversity done by the nominee. Please connect how this action, practice, or policy helps support one or more of the Principles of Education listed above.