Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

Greenfield Community College has a strong history of striving to be an inclusive institution that prides itself in providing equitable access to an excellent education. As our student population changes, as our region changes, and as our nation changes, the college must also transform and become even more intentional about the way we enact our values.

We have identified 4 core values to the college’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work:

  • Incorporate and enact evidence-based practices
  • Embrace an ethos of learning
  • Strive for continual improvement
  • Share practices freely

We have also identified 3 strategic priorities:

  1. Support Student Success
  2. Diversify Faculty and Staff
  3. Increase Cultural Dexterity

Within each of the strategic priorities are specific goals with key indicators, implementation guidelines, and responsible people listed. While this is a living document that will evolve with the college, the hope is that each of the people identified will be accountable for some aspect of their work strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion at the college.

We also call on all administrators to incorporate diversity outcomes that support the three strategic priorities as part of their regular responsibility and accountability.

Together, we will help shape an institution that is ready for 2042 (the year the United States will become a minority majority nation) and is prepared to lead the region as a model for embracing diverse populations, equitable access to all the opportunities a strong education entails, and inclusive practices that ensure all students, faculty, staff, and community members can call GCC their college.