Our mission is to provide an education that will enable students to think critically and creatively about culture, society, and the world, and empower them in all their pursuits and endeavors in academia and beyond.

The Humanities at Greenfield Community College have a distinct role in providing access to the knowledge and skills often associated with quality of life for all students regardless of class, perceived ability, or background. We believe that all people should have access to the skills and passions that emerge from studying art, dance, English, English as a second language, geography, history, music, personal communication skills, philosophy, theater, and world languages. These skills and passions are crucial to integrate into one’s study in other academic areas, and they are crucial to transforming ourselves, through learning, into the people we wish to become.

By taking classes in the Humanities we hope students develop the creative and critical thinking skills

  • to find their place and voice in local, regional, and global communities; to employ self-expression as a catalyst for discovery;
  • to exercise the skills of constructive dialogue; to explore ideas from multiple perspectives;
  • to enrich their lives with a broad understanding of and appreciation for the world and its historical, cultural, and aesthetic contexts;
  • and to utilize these skills in a process of becoming life-long learners.

The Humanities provides an education that will enable students to become artists, dancers, historians, linguists, musicians, performers, philosophers, poets, and writers; an education that encourages students to contemplate the aesthetic, the ethical, and moral aspects of knowledge; and an education that enables students to think critically and creatively about culture, society, and the world.