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Moodle tips for faculty & staff

Also check out our FITS FAQs for commonly asked questions about Moodle.

Moodle course shells are created automatically once the course has been entered in Banner. 

Requests are needed only to add users to Moodle; create a department or group site; and create a Meta-course*.

All requests must be submitted through the online form available at

*Meta Courses in Moodle link students from multiple sections into a parent course. The parent course is where the course content is stored and all course interaction occurs. IT needs to create the meta course and link the multiple sections to this course. The sections are unavailable to students. For large classes, it is recommended faculty create groups for each of the sections linked to a meta course. Groups allow for easy management of the discussions.

New to Moodle v2.6 (upgrade 7/25/14)

New to Moodle v2.5.1

Getting Started with Moodle for Instructors

Quiz Creation in Moodle

Other Useful Instructions