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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Is online right for you?

We want you to succeed at GCC.

That means that the classes you take should be a good fit for your learning style and technical skills. Online classes can be a great fit for some students because they provide learning opportunities outside of traditionally scheduled classes. However, online courses are not for everyone.  Succeeding in an online course requires a high degree of

  • self-motivation
  • self-discipline and independence
  • technical skill with computer software and in navigating and using websites

You may be a good candidate for online learning if you

  • are comfortable using basic applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and email
  • have a computer with high-speed internet connection or easy access to a wifi connection
  • have a daily schedule that allows you the time needed to work on the computer to complete coursework
  • have strong time management skills
  • are able to work independently
  • are able to express yourself well in writing
  • can follow written instructions easily

What to expect from fully-online and hybrid courses

All fully-online and hybrid courses are offered through Moodle, our learning management system. While these courses offer flexibility, they are not self-paced. Students may be expected to submit weekly assignments and participate in weekly discussions. Course expectations will be outlined in the course syllabus. Most students spend approximately 12-15 hours a week participating and completing assigned work in each online course. Students in these courses should log onto Moodle the first day of the semester and at least once a day.

Student responsibility in fully online courses

Your GCC student email account is used for all college-related correspondence. You are responsible for logging into your email account the week before class starts to receive important information about your online course. Your instructor may contact you as well. Students are responsible for checking their GCC email on a daily basis.