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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

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GCC is closely monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and is in constant contact with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The college is also following guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control.
GCC has created an Action and Return Plan as guidance as the College navigates this new world.  This includes a phased planning process for the return of employees and students to campus.

Current Return Phase:  C

Phase C: Return of All Necessary Staff in Support of Operations and Critical Face-to-Face Classes

  • Face-to -face classes operate per current guidance on gatherings and social distance requirements.
  • Only courses that are necessary to be in person are to be available. i.e. laboratories, simulation labs, only. All general-purpose classes to remain online only.
  • Temporary storage for not needed furniture must be identified and available.
  • Total Building occupancy to be controlled and no areas of mass assembly to be used.
  • All social distancing practices must be maintained. In order to do this, significant modifications to classroom furniture and layout, service counters and transition windows may need to be made.
  • Media campaign in support of social distancing and Covid-19 safety requirements will need to be developed, approved, and implemented
  • Staff will need to be trained on new COVID-19 safety procedures. This includes employee interactions with each other as well as how they will interact with the public and students.
  • Support services must follow CDC social distancing parameters. Admissions and other student services to be by appointment and virtual if possible.

The most up to date Action and Return Plan is available for viewing HERE.  This plan outlines the actions the college is taking to mitigate COVID-19 where possible.  This is a living document and is subject to change as more information become available.

Employees needing to access campus to complete tasks that can not be completed remotely, can request access by clicking the below button.  Requests must be submitted at least 2 business days in advance.