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Active COVID-19 Cases among Students and Employees = 0


  • If you suspect that you have COVID-19
  • That you were exposed to someone who has tested positive or are concerned you may have been exposed
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms such as Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea

Please contact or call 413-775-1493 as soon as possible.

GCC is closely monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and is in constant contact with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and local Public Health. The college is also following guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control.

GCC has created an Action and Return Plan as guidance as the College navigates this new world.  The most up to date Action and Return Plan is available for viewing HERE. This plan outlines the actions the college is taking to mitigate COVID-19 where possible. This is a living document and is subject to change as more information become available. Changes to the plan were made as of 10/12/21


Q: What is the procedure for returning from college sponsored travel?
A: GCC employees may be approved for work-related out-of-state travel as long as they abide by CDC guidelines during their travel and meetings.  We strongly suggest that GCC employees traveling for work undergo PCR testing for Covid-19 the day of return and schedule a second PCR test to be administered three days later.  It is strongly suggested that the employee work remotely for several days.  Upon receipt of two negative Covid-19 PCR test results, the employee may return to in-person work on campus.   Test results can be submitted via this LINK. In addition an email should be sent to alerting us your results have been uploaded.

Q: Will vaccinations be required at GCC for students or employee?
A: Yes, Proof of full vaccination will be required in the month of January 2022

Q: Can I create my own guidelines for my space?
A: In most spaces, no. If you feel you need specific guidelines for your space, please consult with the College Emergency Manager, Dan Nietsche, to ensure compliance with the overall College protocols.

Q:Can instructors recommend that unvaccinated or immunocompromised students transfer to an online section of a course if they are registered for an in-person section?
A: No. That is a decision a person needs to make on their own and/or with advice from a licensed medical professional.

Q: Has the Delta variant been considered when drafting the Action and Return Plan?
A: Yes.  Many of the protocols in the Action and Return Plan exceed CDC guidelines for the Delta variant.

Q: Will social distancing guidelines still need to be followed?
A: MA DPH and the CDC recommend that people continue to follow social distancing guidelines. The College has gone a step further in setting classroom capacities in accordance with a minimum of 36 square feet for each individual whether vaccinated or not.

Q: Can students work in groups/pairs?
A: Yes, they can. If a student feels uncomfortable working in a group, reasonable efforts should be made to accommodate the student.

Q: What are the guidelines for classes that meet outdoors?
A: If a person is unvaccinated they should wear a mask while in a group even if outdoors.

Q: Can a person, working alone, take off their mask while indoors?
A: Yes, if a person is alone in a closed space, such as an office or study room, they do not need to wear a mask.

Q: Will there still be caps on the number of people allowed into each space at the college?
A: With the Governor lifting all capacity limits there are not currently capacity limits for any common space on campus beyond normal posted limits. Classrooms are not considered common space.

Q: In the event of contact tracing, does someone need to account for every individual they have come into contact with, or only those with whom they spent more than 15 minutes?
A: A person who has tested positive will only need to account for the people they have come into contact with who are unmasked and have been within six feet of them for more than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period.

Q: Can we ask fellow employees if they are vaccinated/unvaccinated?
A: It is not against HIPPA to ask a fellow employee their vaccine status. They are, however, not required to answer you or show proof of vaccination. It is strongly discouraged to ask for this information unless there is a justifiable reason such as contact tracing.  It is against HIPPA to ask a health care professional for this information or for them to give you the status of an individual.

Q: Can we ask students if they are vaccinated/unvaccinated?
A: It is not against FERPA to ask a student their vaccine status. They are, however, not required to answer you or show proof of vaccination. It is strongly discouraged to ask for this information unless there is a justifiable reason such as contact tracing.  It is against FERPA to ask a health care professional for this information or for them to give you the status of an individual.

Q: Do I have to leave between classes?
A: No, common spaces are open to everyone and should be used as individuals are comfortable.

Q: Will the cafeteria be open, and will the Dining Commons return to being a common area?
A: Yes and yes.  However there will be limited catering available during the Fall semester. 

Q: What will the procedures for coming to campus be? Will everyone need to check-in somewhere?
A: There will not be mandatory check-in upon entry.

Q: Will there be mandatory attendance taking for every class (to keep track of who is present due to COVID tracking)?
A: No. If there is a confirmed case in a classroom the College will use the official roster to alert everyone.

Q: Will classes with students who are immunocompromised have to run under stricter guidelines?
A: An immunocompromised person should consult their primary care physician on what is the safest way possible for them to attend classes.  Disability Services can assist with accommodations as needed.  Additionally, if a student would feel more comfortable with online or hybrid classes, they should contact their advisor.

Q: Will COVID-19 testing still be taking place at the college?
A: There will be some form of testing taking place on Campus through at least the end of the Fall semester. The College will have COVID-19 testing available for those needing testing for clinical purposes or individuals who have had an exposure on campus.

Q: Where are the “poorly ventilated indoor spaces” on campus?
A: The HVAC system in all campus buildings meets or exceeds ventilation recommendations which means there are no “poorly ventilate indoor spaces” on campus.  If you are concerned about your space please contact Facilities Services.

Q: When an employee must quarantine (either due to exposure or to showing symptoms), do they use sick time.
A: Each situation involving quarantine will need to be evaluated by Human Resources for applicable use of time.  The College Health Officer will notify Human Resources of anyone who has been placed on quarantine.  Humans Resources will communicate with each employee on what leave time can be used. Please contact Human Resources with specific questions.

Q: I am concerned about transmitting COVID-19 to my family at home.

Stop the Spread Testing Site Information – UPDATED 9/21/2021

The Stop the Spread site was originally slated to go offline at the end of September. It has now been extended until the end of December.

Public Safety has been in contact with vendors in an effort to continue testing at GCC if and when Stop the Spread discontinues service here. Starting in early September the Stop the Spread site will be moving from its current location to the café in the East Building.

Individuals wanting to get tested for COVID-19 can be tested at the State run “Stop the Spread” testing site at GCC.  Information on the testing site is available at:

If you have problems registering or receiving results please contact CIC Health Customer Service at:
617-500-4970 or

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