Bomb Threat & Suspicious Objects

Smoking policy

Drug and alcohol policies

The college at all times prohibits the use, possession, or sale of illegal substances by any student and the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages on college property or at college-sponsored activities is prohibited except at such times and places as the college may expressly permit. On such occasions, everyone is expected to refrain from excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. The failure of any student to abide by this policy shall be grounds for disciplinary action. Under no circumstances are individuals under 21 permitted to consume alcohol.

GCC's official Drug-Free Workplace Policy is available from Human Resources

Sexual assault policy

Sexual assault, as defined in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reporting System, includes forcible and non-forcible offenses for which an individual may be prosecuted under the law and/or disciplined in accordance with campus disciplinary procedures.

When an allegation of sexual assault is made, the college will advise the alleged victim of their option to pursue criminal prosecution under the Massachusetts criminal statutes. In addition, appropriate campus disciplinary action may be pursued. Sanctions for sexual assault violations may include, in addition to criminal charges, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion from the college.

If a person receives a report of or discovers a possible sexual assault on campus he/she should notify the Director of Public Safety immediately; or, if in the evening, the Campus Police Officer on duty or security personnel at the Public Safety Office, or a faculty or staff member. It is extremely important that these procedures be followed to ensure that appropriate medical and administrative services be provided. Once an assault is reported, the person to whom the report is made becomes responsible for implementing established procedure.