• No permits are required for student parking. GCC students may park in Lots A through F from 7am to 11pm any day.
  • GCC employees may park in Lots A through F from 7am to 11pm any day.
  • Visitors may park in any lot on the Main Campus. There are also visitor specific spots located throughout campus that are available.
  • Sidewalks and access lanes are considered fire lanes and must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Vehicles parked on sidewalks and access lanes may be towed without warning.

Handicapped/Disabled Parking

A state-issued handicapped license plate or placard is required to park in campus handicapped spaces.

State-issued handicapped placards are available from the state Registry of Motor Vehicles in which the vehicle is registered. Forms for Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire are available at the Public Safety Office. Forms and more specific information for each state can be found as follows:

Most states issue placards/plates for both long-term and short-term issues. If you have surgery scheduled and will need a short-term placard afterwards, apply for your placard/plate in advance. State-wide violation for illegal parking in a handicapped parking space is a $100 fine. Handicapped parking is also permitted in Lot F (as long as state-issued placard is visible).

Special Medical Permit Parking

The issuance of special medical parking permits is an optional service that Greenfield Community College provides for a limited number of circumstances.

  • For community members who have a short-term, qualifying mobility issue and
    • Do not qualify for a state-issued handicapped license plate or placard, or
    • Who may qualify for a state-issued handicapped license plate or placard but, due to the short length of time of their mobility issue, it would not be feasible to apply for state handicapped parking status.
  • For community members who have a long-term, qualifying mobility issue and:
    • Are awaiting a decision from the state

Please note:

  • The definition of a "qualifying mobility issue" is narrowly defined and, therefore, not all mobility issues will qualify a person for Special Medical Parking permission.
  • Those who know in advance that they will have a short-term or long-term mobility issue in the near future (such as scheduled surgery and a subsequent period of rehabilitation) are encouraged to make application to the state for handicapped parking privileges in advance of their surgery.
  • Special Medical Permits are only available for 30 days or less

Special medical parking permits allow for parking as follows:

  • In any GCC parking space designated for "Special Medical Parking Permits" (permit must be displayed).
  • In any parking space in Lot F (permit must be displayed).
  • In any parking space in Lots A through E.

Special medical parking permits do NOT allow parking in the following spaces/areas:

  • Handicapped parking spaces, visitor parking spaces, or any other reserved spaces
  • Any roads, lands, or grassy areas where there is not a marked employee/student parking space

Applications for medical parking permits are available at the Public Safety Office. The Special Medical Parking Permit Application must be returned with appropriate documentation from medical personnel. Generally, you will receive a response to your application within 3-5 business days.

Overnight Parking

Generally, parking is not permitted on college property from 11pm to 6am except for those on school-related trips or those working on campus. For those working in campus buildings after midnight, please let Public Safety know where you are working and give them your vehicle description.

For overnight trips, vehicle operators must make arrangement with the Public Safety Office. The operator must leave the following information at the Public Safety Office:

  • Operator's name
  • Vehicle license plate # along with make/model/color
  • Name and phone number of individual to be contacted in the event of an emergency involving the vehicle

Vehicle must be parked as follows:

  • Contact the Public Safety office at least 5 business days in advance for parking options.
  • Failure to follow these procedures shall, minimally, result in the ticketing of the vehicle. If the following conditions exist, the vehicle may also be towed:
    • The vehicle is impeding the safe passage of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
    • The vehicle is impeding snow removal operations.
    • The vehicle is in an unsafe condition, e.g., leaking gasoline onto the pavement.
    • The vehicle has been issued two previous citations during the current academic year. The issuance of a third citation authorizes the towing of a vehicle from campus.

In instances where a vehicle is parked according to the above procedures but, there is an emergency or unsafe condition, the vehicle may be towed from campus if reasonable efforts to contact the emergency contact person are unsuccessful.

Tickets, Payments and Appeals

Tickets may be appealed to the Director of Public Safety within 21 days of issuance. Appeals may be made in writing. Please submit ticket with appeal.

Payments for tickets are made to the Bursar's Office – in person or by mail. Students who do not pay fines will have a hold placed on their account in the Bursar's Office unless they have filed a ticket appeal within the time period and the appeal was granted. A Bursar's Office hold prevents the release of grades/transcripts as well as registration for classes.